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  • X-Files is back – we are not alone – the truth is out there by Mel Tobias
X-Files is back – we are not alone – the truth is out there by Mel Tobias X-Files Full view

X-Files is back – we are not alone – the truth is out there by Mel Tobias

X-Files is back – we are not alone – the truth is out there

by Mel Tobias

The popular 1993 television series featuring Agent Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) will soon be back on television. The series was a worldwide phenomenon that shaped pop culture.

The two agents from vastly different background join forces again to solve cases the FBI labeled X-Files. Both are determined to uncover the hidden truths – one searching for other worldly answers, the other for more earthbound scientific explanations. Viewers around the world, together with the two agents unraveled discoveries, mysteries that all have every imagined.

The 22-year-old franchise has not been seen for 13 years. After 9 seasons that spawned 2 full-length movies, there will be a 2015 mini-series that will likely be shot in Vancouver after it moved to Los Angeles for the remaining seasons. Vancouver has the perfect mood, mystical atmosphere, complete with misty and rain-soaked environs that provoke mystery and suspense.

The big question is whether the sci-fi series can work its magic on today’s viewers.

Broadcast television is facing strong competition from the Internet, Netflix, Hulu, Amaze, DVRs and on-demand viewing.

British Columbians believe in UFOs

A new poll showed that nearly half of the people in British Columbia think unidentified flying objects or aliens are real. When it comes to conspiracy theories, very few British Columbians believe that the lunar landing is fake and only 5 percent think Osama bin Ladin is still alive.

But global warming is still considered a hoax by some residents, with 12 percent believe that they have been deceived by science. In Alberta, 26 percent believe global warming is a hoax.

An online survey showed that 46 percent of British Columbians believe aliens exist, and one third of residents think the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 was a conspiracy.

Global awards honor Vancouver

Vancouverites are proud and honored that their city has been given 2015 accolades around the world. Here are some of them:

Best airport in North America– Skytrax World Airport Awards

For the past six years, Vancouver International Airport (YVR) was named North America’s number one airport. Considered the global benchmark of airport excellence, the Skytrax awards are distributed on more than 13 million passenger surveys conducted across 550 airports.

Best Canada Port – Porthole Cruise Magazine

Vancouver got the 2015 Award for Best Canada Port, from the leading consumer cruise and travel publication in the US. The annual awards list honors members of the cruise and travel industry who have gone above and beyond in terms of service, quality and excellence.

Best Destination In Canada – Travel Weekly

The publication’s annual “Reader’s Best” awards, more than 9,000 readers voted Vancouver as the best destination in Canada. The readers of Travel Weekly is primarily made up of travel counselors, industry marketing executives and CEO’s of the world’s largest travel companies, a group very much qualified to evaluate the tourism industry’s every-increasing range of destinations, products and services.

World’s Most Reputable Cities – Reputation Institute

Vancouver is among the world’s top 10 reputable cities. Every year, the organization rates cities around the world on factors related to advanced economy, appealing environment and effective government. Data is collected via interviews of more than 19,000 people in cities with large populations, strong gross domestic product and heavy tourism. Vancouver was listed as seventh on the list with a score of 74.8 point out of 100.

Fourth Greenest City in the World – Global Green Economy Index

The Index measures the green economic performance of 60 countries according to four key dimensions – leadership and climate change, efficiency sectors, markets and investment, environment and natural capital. The resulting rankings reflect the actual green performances of countries and cities worldwide, as well as global perceptions of countries. Vancouver was named among the top greenest cities in the world, the only city in North America to land in the top five.

Most Livable City in North America – Mercer Quality Of Life Survey

Vancouver has once again topped Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey in 2015, keeping the title of North America’s Most Livable City and fifth most livable in the world. Mercer’s annual survey compares and ranks more than 440 cities across the globe, including political and social environment, sociocultural factors, housing and natural environment.

2015 National Meetings Industry Influence Award

Tourism Vancouver’s Be A Host program won the coveted award that recognizes people and organizations that support the development of meetings and conventions, or the development of policy and programs impacting the meetings industry.

– “LIFE IN CANADA” Article reprinted with permission of author



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